How dreary to be Somebody


Vlogging. I’m going to question our sanity. Life decisions too.

Giant advertisement for Bar145? Yes. Also. Apparently I really do love Vince. I didn’t realize I talked about him SO DAMN MUCH when I was drunk. Gooooo ME!

I might be in love with this gentleman. Lol. He’s awesome. We’re awesome. Everything is awesome.

Yup, here we go again. We are so cool. 


Vlog Bar 145 #3

There is a reason I don’t do these alone.

OMG. I love Keely. I love her. I love this. I love her. I love it all. (As she would say, “All of this. And all of this. And fucking everything.”) I did not realize, until watching this vlog, that she had any notions about Vince and me. Lmao. Silly Keely.


Vlog Bar 145 #2

This is just….

I can’t even…

What the hell were we drinking?


Vlog Bar 145 #1

I don’t know what happened to 1 and 2… 

To go against our typical vlogging… which happens drunk… we decided  to do an entirely sober vlog…

But we are incredibly ill. So there’s that.

This one is a wee bit old, but still totally good. 

One more time this night. Lol. Cause Keely cut me off when I was about to talk about my hopefully soon-to-be house in the previous drunk vlog.

Here we go again…